The best bike shop social media posts of 2022

Each week we round up the best social media posts from bike shops. See who's coming out on top and copy for the winning moves for yourself. The tips and tricks are easy to replicate for any business no matter the size.

January 2022

Giant Bicycles are combining industry punditry and opinion with product newness. This new bike has been voted one of the best bikes for 2022. The post tags the media publication and details the performance elements of the bike that will appeal to its audience. Multiple images show close up technical details and the aesthetic of the bike so cyclists know exactly what they are getting.

How to replicate
Using industry experts and press to help inform your content is a great way to stay on top of what is front and centre of news and interest in the cycling world. Tagging media and experts into content will also make them more likely to share your content, increasing your reach in the process.

Chain Reaction have taken the 'Man with sign' meme and put their own twist on it to drive conversation and engagement among their community. The post has clearly done its job earning over 6000 engagements.

How to replicate
Memes are a fun way to combine internet trends and anecdotes your customers will understand, rally around or debate. Relevance increases engagement and discussion so give the tactic a go!

Specialized caused some serious bike envy with a custom design for a cyclist. The post tagged in the owner of the bike and the design team and invited followers to comment. Even though a custom design may not be within reach for all the brand's followers, the aspirational approach creates the lust factor and invites discussion.

How to replicate
Following bigger accounts and engaging with content like this gives you the opportunity to geek out, share your passion and contribute to the discussion. You can reshare content like this and ask your own followers what they think to drive engagement and reach.

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