The 10 tactics South Cerney businesses take to make social media work

Maybe* has 10 essential ingredients to make social media work harder for you. Here we show you what local businesses in the Cotswold beauty spot of South Cerney and what its businesses are doing to make  social media work for them.

Whether it's a huge global brand or a local independent retailer, the businesses that derive the most value from social, will execute some or all of these 10 tactics exceptionally well.

Step 1: Knowing the business goal

Getting your social media to perform for you means getting clear on what you want it to do. Do you want to drive engagement? Build awareness? Create local conversation?  Or simply grow your sales and customer base? Being clear on your goal makes it much easier to measure success and improve your performance.

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Step 2: Telling their story

Equiboodle is a business that gets its story right. Founder Victoria Bodey had a chat with us recently to share her social learnings and we fell in love with her passion and enthusiasm. The same passion and enthusiasm finds its way onto Equiboodle’s social posts. Victoria turned her passion into her business. That’s her story and she uses social media to bring that to life.

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Step 3: Getting their audience to take action

Tipi Tapa cuisine brings a little Espanol to South Cerney. It’s a food truck that tours around the Cotswolds serving up a storm.

By posting regularly with its opening hours, location and delivery or collection  options - Tipi Tapa gives its audience the information they need to come and grab a plate of tapas.

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Step 4: Engaging with customers

Unique Homestays might not have been able to welcome guests during the UK lockdown, but that didn't stop them engaging with their hosts' homes and future guests on social media. Knowing that customers will be looking forward to a getaway at some point in the future, Unique Homestays is creating content to showcase the gorgeous homes customers can be inspired to stay in.

By adding hashtags and partner brands to its posts, Unique Homestays is not only creating great content, but also engaging with the other businesses that need to stay connected.

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Step 5: Knowing which audience to engage

Unique Homestays were quick off the mark to create content for their Welsh audience, when domestic travel was reinstated for Wales. The business also tagged in relevant tourism bodies to make their post relevant to a Welsh audience.

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Steps 6 - 10

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Key takeaway

Maybe* is here to help businesses stay connected to customers so you can make more sales. Learning from what other local businesses are doing can help you improve and make social media work for you.

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