Social media content for gifting should be topical and relevant

We recently showcased some of the benefits independent gifting businesses have over larger online players. Since then, we’ve been unpacking some of the social media tactics the larger businesses use.

Maybe* listened to the online conversations created by and about online gifting retailers Notonthehighstreet, FindMeAGift, and Firebox to see how they are using Facebook and Twitter. In the second of our three posts, we explore how Bira members can take the best, and bin the rest. We will explore how to use Instagram for Gifting in its own series coming soon.

The findings

1) Content volumes are low
2) Engagement is poor
3) Personality is lacking

In association with

Looking at the detail

table showing number of posts and engagements

The perfect engagement gift

You might be thinking we’re talking about what to give a newly betrothed couple by means of congratulations. But you’d be wrong. In the second of our posts in association with Bira, we want to showcase what is meant by social media engagement for the gifting audience.

Likes, comments, shares, video views, and even link clicks all count as engagement. And sometimes it's easy to think you’re not getting enough. Across Facebook and Twitter, Notonthehighstreet get about 21 engagements per post, while Firebox gets an average of 26. FindMeAGift fared the worst with only 1.

Firebox successfully engages its audience with timely and relevant posts. In our last post (link to post) we looked at the volume and topics of content created. Firebox increase engagement by being topical and relating it to their product offering. Meanwhile, FindMeAGift fall down because they’ve found nothing relevant to say since Father’s Day. 

By listening to conversations about you or by measuring your own engagement performance, you’ll be able to identify what content is performing best. You’ll also be able to engage customers further by responding to them, All of which will help build your awareness, and reach.

The key takeway

Where Firebox creates the most content, they also achieve the most engagement. They do this by being topical and relevant to wider pop culture, calendar events and their product offering. Play copy cat and see what works for your following, we’ll even help you do it. 

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