Showing the local love on social media to build engagement

Hi, we’re Maybe*.  If you’ve not met us before we’ve made it our mission to help local businesses engage in local conversations to build engagement online and offline all to drive visits and recovery at a place level. We're such big fans of showing the local love on social media that every week we virtually visit different towns across the UK to showcase great social, so you can learn and replicate. 

Next stop is Chipping Campden. Any business in any place can apply the tactics below to improve the impact of their social media activity. We’re working with businesses across the Cotswolds to help them make social media work for them in a bid to support recovery across the UK.

The Maybe* Place Insights tool allows you to benchmark the social media activity, posts, engagement, sentiment and conversation topics of all businesses within your place. When you know what the local conversation has in common, you too can stage your own local social media 'love in'.

How many businesses in Chipping Campden have social media accounts?

Maybe* Place Insights shows us that 34% of businesses in Chipping Campden marked in orange, have social media accounts. That’s a good show and higher than the average across the wider Cotswolds.

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How many businesses in Chipping Campden create social media content everyday?

Of those 34% of businesses, 29% of them are active every day. This number gets up to 40% through the middle of the week, but quieter activity levels over the weekend and on a Monday bring the average down slightly. It is, however, consistently more active in Chipping Campden than it is in the Cotswolds as a whole. (Not that it's a competition or anything . . .)

How many posts do businesses make and how engaging are they?

Chipping Campden businesses create an average of 500 pieces of social media content per day. Those social posts earn approximately 7,000 engagements per day. That’s about 14 engagements per post.

Engagement in Chipping Campden is stable throughout the week. Being more active through the weekends will help to boost this number for the whole town, so business should try and up their social game on the weekends, so long as they're able to respond to any engagement that comes their way.

What is Chipping Campden’s best social media content?

We’ve used the Maybe* Best Post in a Place tool to find Chipping Campden’s best post on Tuesday September 15.

The Cotswolds Social is an Instagram account created with the sole purpose of showcasing the best of what the area has to offer. From boutique hotels, independent shops and galleries, Cotswold Social reshares the content from the best of the whole area. What a way to share the local love.


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What conversations do Chipping Campden’s businesses create?

The Cotswolds hashtag forms a bigger part of the local Chipping Campden conversation than Chipping Campden itself. There’s lots of love for shopping locally and supporting small businesses and the businesses within the wider Gloucestershire area.

The conversation across Chipping Campden and other Cotswolds towns is as charming as the towns themselves. Though sometimes Chipping Campden edges it on the positivity front. Positive language in social media posts is a must, even when tackling difficult conversations, it's important to always stay friendly.

Key takeaway

Maybe* Place Insights aims to inspire more businesses to take up social media on a daily basis. When one business thrives, others can follow suit by participating and engaging in the local conversation.

Identifying local social media accounts that showcase the best of your area is a wonderful way to reach a wider audience. By engaging with these accounts, you can get a boost on your own content and build relationships with local tastemakers. It’s also another way to show some local love.

Learn more about how Maybe* is working with Cotswold District Council. 

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