Revealed: the Jewellers that shine brightest on social media

Maybe* data has made the press again. This time we've shared what the social media insight tells us about the performance of jewellers online with Retail Jeweller. So get ready to be inspired by all things sparkly, and charmed by all things, well charming.

What's in the data?

Maybe* reveals the top jewellery retailers by social media engagement. The insight shows the brands who are most successfully engaging customers online, how they are doing it, and identifies the trends that customers are responding to the best.

The data has been compiled from 9 leading jewellery brands' social media posts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Maybe* uses a distinct algorithm to score social media engagement. Maybe* allocates a higher engagement score for shares and comments than just likes. This provides an understanding of which brands are inspiring customers to engage at a deeper level by joining a conversation by commenting, or advocating for a brand by resharing content.

Ranked jewellery brands for social media engagement August 1 - August 31 2021
RetailerFollowersTotal posts on social channelsTotal engagements on postsAverage posts per day by organisationAverage engagement on each post
(likes, retweets, comments)
Average engagements per day.
Monica Vinader882,0488153,85836651795
Alex Monroe122,566975357355179
H. Samuel199,193125189241563
Astley Clarke189,844581,55122752
Beaverbrooks The Jewellers126,9181211,25341042
Ernest Jones135,18210023563312
F Hinds28,54925134154

What does the data show us?

Pandora’s engagement far outstrips that of any of the other brands in the UK. In fact the top ten social media posts by engagement across the category were all occupied by Pandora.

Its collectible product provides its global fans of the brand a regular reason to keep engaging as new collections and items are added. Most importantly the brand is considered as a self-treat option throughout the year and doesn’t need to rely only on the key gifting seasons to drive engagement.


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A post shared by Pandora (@theofficialpandora)


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A post shared by Pandora (@theofficialpandora)

F Hinds has the lowest amount of engagements per day, and the smallest social media audience.

All the businesses earn their best posts on Instagram.

Only Pandora, Ernest Jones and F.Hinds have best posts which are not competitions.

Even the more luxury brands like Monica Vinader and Alex Monroe are using competition mechanics to best engage their audiences. Monica Vinader, Alex Monroe and Astley Clarke use competition incentives minimally and usually stick to engaging audiences with must-have product or collectibles, or style advice. Alex Monroe and Astley Clarke have both teamed up with like minded businesses and partners to add an extra layer of depth to contests.

Monica Vinader, Alex Monroe and Missoma blend editorial, fashion forward and behind the scenes content with promotions and offers. Increasingly F.Hinds, Ernest Jones and H.Samuel follow this trend including a mix of product shots with lifestyle and campaign imagery from the brands they stock.

Only H.Samuel and Ernest Jones are using aggressive red sales promotional advertising to announce discounts. The other brands discount discreetly and in a way that follows the creative look and feel of their brands.

Key takeaways

In the run up to Christmas, Pandora will benefit from customers gifting their collectible charms and seasonal trinkets for their bracelets. Other jewellers will need to compete with this and differentiate themselves. The long established High Street jewellery brands need to make each piece feel unique and style led, rather than price point or offer led.

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