Have you said ‘thanks’ to your customers for their support?

Lockdown is over and retail has re-opened for business in Scotland as well as England. A collective "hooray"! It’s been a tough year for all businesses, with a harsh winter and Christmas trading period thrown in. But local businesses are doing what they can to stay connected and encourage customers to support small and shop local this season. Customers want to support local businesses and small businesses can recognise their customers in their posts, either individually or collectively for staying with them through this time. Everyone loves a pat on the back, and a warm glow.

We’re off to Glasgow to find out what the city has been doing to stay connected to customers during lockdown and into the first weekends of trade.

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How many businesses in Glasgow have social media accounts?

Maybe* Place Insights shows us that 35% of businesses in Glasgow have social media accounts. This is well over the national average of 28%.

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How many businesses in Glasgow create social media content everyday?

Of those 35% of businesses, an average of 25% of them are active every day. But at weekends this drops as low as 15%.

How many posts do businesses make and how engaging are they?

Businesses in Glasgow create an average of 3,000 pieces of social media content per day. Engagements average about 300,000 per day, which is approximately 100 per post. That's some serious engagement! 

What is Glasgow’s best social media content?

We’ve used the Maybe* Best Post in a Place tool to find Glasgow’s best post on Friday 11th December.

Ruby Woo’s is a boutique in Glasgow’s West End. On re-opening, the boutique’s Instagram video was evidently excited, relieved and genuinely happy to be ready to serve customers with new clothing lines, and lots back in stock. The post featured a mixture of hashtags about the place, supporting local, Christmas and recognition for its customers who supported the boutique through lockdown.


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A post shared by Ruby Woo Boutique (@rubywoo_boutique)

What conversations do Glasgow’s businesses create?

The businesses in Glasgow have mostly been creating content about Christmas and seasonal shopping events like Black Friday. The place hashtag for Glasgow is in the conversation, as is Scotland. There is still concern about Coronavirus, as 'stay safe' messaging features as a conversation topic.

What’s the tone of the conversation?

Glasgow’s conversations sit on or just below the positivity marker, meaning the conversation needs a small shot of spice in its festive coffee. However as Scotland and Glasgow have experienced tougher and longer lockdown measures, and businesses are still creating 'stay safe' conversation topics, it’s understandable to see a little lull.

Key takeaway

Ruby Woo’s is a great example of a business who’s genuine emotion, relief and excitement to be back serving customers shines through in its posts. This enthusiasm is the kind of approach which is going to help shift conversations and attitudes a little more towards the positive, as well as giving customers that feel good factor in the knowledge they’ve helped and supported.

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