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Insights - 28 February 2019

Why you should stop shouting on social media

Social media has fundamentally changed the way you market your business. You have access to potential customers 24/7 who you can target based on their ...

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Insights - 10 February 2019

How Ovarian Cancer Canada is exploring social listening and chatbots

Maybe* is stepping into the world of charities with our first client, Ovarian Cancer Canada (OCC). Our plan has always been to use our tech for good; h...

Insights - 8 February 2019

How consumers are shopping this Valentine’s Day 2019

To get to the core of Valentine’s Day trends for 2019 we asked over 3,000 shoppers who, what, where, why, and how much they will be spending on their...

Insights - 7 February 2019

90% of the online conversation about John Lewis is positive

The majority of online conversation about John Lewis over Christmas is usually led by its annual Christmas advert. But what else can we learn about the...

Insights - 6 February 2019

What Lush has achieved by being unapologetically authentic

Ever committed to the eco cause, Lush routinely discounts only what is left of its Christmas stock in-store, rather than create excess product that mig...