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Case study - 15 April 2020

What does the online conversation around working remotely reveal?

January 2020 seems like an eternity ago. But three short months later we’re all here, finding ourselves in this strange new world. The way we live, s...

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Case study - 30 March 2020

Engaging, essential social media from the UK’s supermarkets

To ‘gram or not to ‘gram may not be the most pertinent question at the moment, but it’s certainly one we are getting asked a lot. There’s n...

Case study - 30 March 2020

The retail response to COVID-19: How do customers feel?

In late March we joined digital conference Retail Transformation Live to discuss what we’ve learned about COVID-19 so far and how businesses can coll...

Insights - 12 March 2020

What’s your brand personality on social media channels?

Building your brand on social media as part of your marketing strategy can lead to a steady increase in sales, recommendations, or endorsements of your...

Case study - 8 March 2020

Who’s serving up a treat on social media: Nando’s or Burger King?

Creating great social media content is about both style and substance. It needs to look great but it also needs to be relevant in order to generate mea...