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influencer tool - 2 June 2020

Who’s influencing the conversation about Sheffield?

A worrying trend has emerged since the pandemic outbreak – just as people are flocking to social media channels,  business are shying away from ...

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Case study - 2 June 2020

What’s working for The Entertainer on social media?

Since the introduction of social distancing measures, the Entertainer has seen its sales drop by 75%. With a warehouse operating at reduced capacity, t...

Case study - 28 May 2020

What’s being said about The Entertainer?

Any parent will testify that a new toy goes a long way to pacify a child, let alone one that’s not seen beyond its garden boundary for the best p...

Covid-19 - 23 April 2020

Businesses supporting the NHS see sentiment soar

The coronavirus pandemic has touched many across the country, communities everywhere have been finding alternative ways to show their support for the e...

Case study - 15 April 2020

Focus on: The social media conversation in Edinburgh

Google has been using behavioural data to support health officials understand the response to social distancing guidelines. A case study in Edinburgh h...