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Testimonials - 14 January 2021

Is there enough support for High Streets during Lockdown? Have your say!

We may all be settling back in to lockdown life, but as the Government’s focus shifts to operation ‘vaccine delivery’, the retail wor...

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Case study - 13 January 2021

Discovering the best served social media content from food retailers across the UK

New year, New you? Want to improve your social media content for 2021? Every week Maybe* rounds up the best posts from national retailers across diffe...

- 22 December 2020

Learning from 2020 and preparing for 2021

6 months ago I wrote an article on Linked In.  I asked a question:  “who will take ownership of the digital infrastructure of each High Street”. ...

Case study - 22 December 2020

It’s a wrap. Here’s the social media data from 2020 that we can plan from.

It has been a hard year.  While we were all looking to Christmas as our beacon of hope, the harshness of the pandemic has refused to let up. With litt...

Chipping Campden - 15 December 2020

Eat, drink, and spread the ‘shop local’ message!

It’s Christmas time and spreading the ‘shop local’ message is in full swing. Every week we take a virtual tour of towns across the UK to...