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Case study - 20 April 2021

How Aldi’s social media is rallying customers against competitors

Aldi’s social media is famed for its playfulness and tongue in cheek banter. Marks and Spencer recently announced that it would be taking Aldi to...

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Case study - 11 April 2021

What can we learn about what’s next as the High Street re-opens?

After a year of upheaval and three months of lockdown through Q1, the High Street has re-opened to crowds of eager shoppers. Everyone at Maybe* is exci...

Case study - 6 April 2021

How Nike’s social media engagement reflects consumer expectations

Nike’s social media engagement is consistently in the millions. And this has only grown over the last year. As Q1 comes to a close, the doors of ...

- 28 March 2021

How Hotel Chocolat’s social media serves sweet inspiration to stay connected and relevant

Ahead of re-opening plans, the High Street suffers another sad blow as Thorntons look set to exit the High Street. Over the last 12 months, Thorntons c...

- 16 March 2021

A lesson from Burger King in social media engagement and owning a mistake

At Maybe* we are all about increasing social media engagement. But that engagement has to add value to your brand. Engagement can not just be a numbers...