How Ovarian Cancer Canada is exploring social listening and chatbots

Maybe* is stepping into the world of charities with our first client, Ovarian Cancer Canada (OCC). Our plan has always been to use our tech for good; however, finding the charity to launch with was key. Ovarian Cancer Canada has proven to be the best partner to explore using social listening and chatbots to evolve their approach to fundraising, awareness, and advocacy.

By incorporating AI and chatbots into how charities communicate with their supporters, any charity can connect with thousands of people in an individual and extremely cost-effective manner. With Ovarian Cancer Canada, Maybe* launched our pilot in late November, targeting an entirely cold audience to the charity.

“As an ovarian cancer survivor and a Co-Founder of Maybe*, being able to use our product to raise money and awareness for Ovarian Cancer Canada is both deeply important and profoundly personal for me.


Thank you to the team for all of their efforts to date. I know that together we’re going to make a transformational shift change in both the charity world and in the future of Ovarian Cancer Canada.”

Erin Barrett, Co-Founder and CXO of Maybe* and Ovarian Cancer Survivor

To reach Ovarian Cancer Canada’s goal of growing an active and engaged online community, we targeted a cold audience to Ovarian Cancer Canada and asked them to comment on a Facebook post.

Following this, we then asked them to join our Facebook Messenger community via a chatbot, and then send an email to their elected rep asking for the Canadian Government to invest $10million in ovarian cancer research.

Throughout the days leading up to Giving Tuesday, we shared survivor videos and messages of thanks, finally resulting in a donation request.

The results from our first small test


  • +33,000 Facebook users reached
  • +46,000 impressions
  • +800 link clicks
  • +100 advocacy letters sent via social media
  • 90+ fully opted-in subscribers
  • Donations received
Ovarian Cancer Canada

And this is just the start. As a full campaign is launched to Ovarian Cancer Canada’s warm audience, we expect great things to be accomplished.

As a result of this pilot, Ovarian Cancer Canada is now using Maybe* as an integral part of their communications strategy and results will be shared with you here.

We believe Maybe* can help charities everywhere improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their communication. We look forward to working with Ovarian Cancer Canada to create a showcase of how the Maybe* approach can deliver transformational results.

“This campaign was an exciting opportunity to explore the use of AI to reach a new audience, set the tone and incorporate a variety of tools to keep the audience engaged. With the ongoing changes to the social media landscape, it can be quite overwhelming and difficult to effectively communicate our message. Working with Maybe* and the talented team behind the bots, I’m looking forward to seeing how we can take this to the next level, embrace technology and break through the charitable sector clutter.”

Julie De Liberato, Ovarian Cancer Canada – Cancer de l’ovaire Canada, Media Communications Specialist

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