90% of the online conversation about John Lewis is positive

The majority of online conversation about John Lewis over Christmas is usually led by its annual Christmas advert. But what else can we learn about the John Lewis customer by listening to the conversations online about the brand during this key retail season?  

John Lewis has a loyal and happy customer base.
Much of the content about John Lewis is positive. In fact, throughout early January, while many brands are struggling with high volumes of online return queries, disappointing Christmas gifts, and exhausted sale shoppers, John Lewis only see about 10% of their conversation as negative. M&S, by contrast, saw 32% negative conversation.

John Lewis has an excellent customer care team active on Twitter and products that are seen as premium. While they may have seen their margins squeezed due to discounting, the service and quality expected of John Lewis are clearly delivered on in the eyes of its customers.


The Maybe* ‘How they feel’ graph demonstrating whether conversations around John Lewis are positive or negative.

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Working with the right influencers is key to translating social engagement into meaningful business performance.

Beauty and perfume sales at John Lewis were up 25% in the run-up to Christmas, yet beauty influencers do not feature among those active and influential in the JLP conversation, as seen in this report. (The larger the dot, the more influence they have in the conversation about John Lewis.)


Beauty is thriving for the retailer, helping them deliver a 4% increase in year-on-year sales. John Lewis could build on this success by creating partnerships with this content-rich and inspiring demographic. Mimicking the approach of brands like Selfridges, Urban Decay and Huda Beauty, would help them reach and engage further audiences with its luxury cosmetics offering.

Knowing your customer.
John Lewis never knowingly under-sell, but do they know their customer? By digging a little deeper into social conversations, we can see that car parking and techno may not be front of mind when you think John Lewis but actually both recently peaked the John Lewis customer’s interests.


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CitiPark and This is House are creating a lot of content about John Lewis by offering their product as competition prizes. Looking at the interests and needs of those that are generating lots of word of mouth for the brand, will allow John Lewis to create and engage social audiences with the right content and offer.

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