How a new cafe attracted 30,000 visitors during the pandemic using social media

The Heritage Cafe is a charity-run spot at the popular Pump Rooms in Cheltenham. It first opened its doors at the start of the pandemic and has since served over 30k visitors. Here’s how The Heritage Cafe has used social media to showcase their business.

Firstly, the cafe needed to drive awareness of the business. To do this they posted on social media to share information about the cafe including menu and activities. These posts drove footfall, with visitors commenting that they had heard about the cafe on Instagram and Facebook.

This has been a huge benefit to the cafe. By reaching local customers on social media, more people are able to discover the cafe and find out more about the Trust.

Having an outdoor space was attractive to visitors during the summer as the virus forced people to socialise outside and The Heritage Trust used this unique selling point to promote the space. 

They looked at what content was resonating with their audience - which posts had the most engagement, and adjusted further posts based on what people were interested in. This resulted in more posts about their outdoor music programme, with one post seeing over 300 shares. 

Watch the video below to find out how The Heritage Cafe uses social media to drive footfall. 

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