How booking.com is managing brand sentiment in 10 easy steps

Anyone need a holiday? Yes, us too. But the jury's still out on whether we'll be jetting off anywhere anytime soon. That being said, there’s a whole travel and tourism industry both at home and away, that needs our help. Despite multiple set backs, tourism businesses are still doing their job online and inspiring us to look forwards to better times and sunnier climes. Booking.com’s social media presence is a lesson in inspiration, influencers and managing brand sentiment on a jumbo jet scale.

But booking.com’s approach is something anyone can pack in their social media suitcase. Take a tour to find out how you can learn from them and learn how to apply the same tactics, using the Maybe* 10 steps framework.

Step 1: What is the business goal?

Like all travel businesses, Booking.com needs to secure bookings from those hoping to travel overseas or close to home in the distant future.

Track your own business goals in the Maybe* platform.


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Step 2: Telling the Booking.com story

While travel is still grounded, the business needs to keep inspiring and creating a sense of wanderlust to keep travellers engaged.

As a leader in the travel sector, Booking.com is using this time to lend its expertise to thought leadership content; share the winners of its awards and invite conversation and feedback from its community.

This technique is all about creating hope and anticipation. Do this with your own content. It creates a feel good factor and generates positive engagement from people who want to dream about something to look forwards to.

Step 3: What does Booking.com want its audience to do?

With international travel a distant memory, and still no guarantees for our summer holidays this year, Booking.com wants customers to be inspired to travel locally and engage with its #explorenextdoor campaign. This is a fantastic opportunity for customers and businesses to share what they love about their local place to attract tourism and business, when the time comes.

You can mimic this approach yourself by adding this hashtag to your own content alongside the #supportlocal and #shoplocal tags.

Step 4: How does Booking.com engage with customers?

The business wants people to still share their love of travel. So it is actively asking customers to write love letters to the cities and places they miss. This is a great example of a brand taking user content and then re-sharing it across their own feeds.

Maybe* dedicates a whole section of the dashboard for you to respond to customer messages and engage with their content. This feature is excellent for managing brand sentiment. You’ll find it on the right of your Maybe* dashboard.


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Step 5: Who does Booking.com want to engage?

Booking.com's customers are likely to span many demographics and in several different countries so they aim to reach a wide audience.

The travel sector is ripe for influencer partnerships, or identifying envy-evoking content from the well travelled. The Maybe* Who’s Got Influence report shows who is creating content about Booking.com, but it can also be used to identify influencers in a certain conversation, for example, the #explorenextdoor conversation.

You can replicate this by building relationships with influencers in your sector or finding content to share on your own channels via Maybe*.

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Key takeaway

Booking.com shows us that handling difficult conversations and negative engagement is as important as engaging in an uplifting way. Remember to always prioritise your customer feedback before anything else, and then get busy inspiring and influencing in the conversations that matter to you most.

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