Learn what works on social media to engage the fashion pack from every retailer across the UK

Get ready for a cheeky close up! The Maybe* Best Post in Sector feature allows you to draw inspiration and learn what works best on social media for every retailer across the UK. So, if you are looking to improve your own content and drive better engagement you have come to the right place. We can even show you how to narrow down all those pieces of social content by sector. So without further ado it's time to put our best fashion foot forward and see how fashion brands have been keeping the fashionistas entertained and engaged.

What was the best performing post?

The best performing post accolade in terms of engagement on January 14th came from global lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret.

It is famed for cute, sexy and cheeky lingerie. And with Valentine's Day fast approaching, plus plenty of 'home time', we can all draw a little Instagram inspo from Victoria’s Secret’s cheeky little close up.

How to replicate this technique

Now first things first, we are not suggesting you should all show us your bottoms. But we do think your content should be fun, and attention grabbing especially at the moment where fun might be in short supply.

So think about the occasions your customers might be looking forwards to or planning for, and create content that makes them smile, laugh and cheers them up. It’s ok if it's a bit risque especially if your brand prides itself on boldness and fun.

Key takeaway

Knowing the best performing posts in your sector will give you some great ideas about what ingredients you need to add to your content that your audience will engage with best. Relevance to your audiences’ state of mind, or timely, seasonal content might be a solution to a challenge your customers are facing. But it can also be a playful idea that adds some light relief for folks among the heaviness.

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