InExeter is a beacon of best practice – celebrating place and curating great social media content

InExeter is a fantastic example of great social media content by a BID (business improvement district). InExeter has made it its mission to celebrate and curate its businesses and its businesses' social media updates, and is reaping the benefits. Using the BID as an example, here we show you the techniques you can add to your own social media toolkit to get great results.

Know what works . . then keep doing it

Tracking your engagement shows you what content is working for your audience and what inspires them to communicate with you.

InExeter experienced its most successful day in terms of social media engagement on June 20. Over the course of the week commencing June 15, InExeter used its Instagram account to shine a light on all the local businesses reopening by regramming their great social media content.

How to replicate this technique

Celebrate the businesses in your area. Create content about them on your own feed. Or even better, re-share their content on your feeds so they benefit from the increased social media reach.

What is your audience saying?

The conversation about InExeter is dominated by the Twitter handle ‘tweetInExeter’. This demonstrates how much conversation the BID gets from its community.

Through September and October 2020, InExeter sees discussions about heritage and culture. The social media conversation also benefits from lots of juicy conversation about Exeter as the city name also continually crops up.

How to replicate this technique

If the main goal of your social media strategy is to drive interest, footfall and engagement within a place then you need to make sure you are at the centre of the conversation about your area.

Make sure you’re listening to the relevant local hashtag conversations and participating in them.

How does your audience feel?

InExeter sees a small amount of negativity, but the majority of the conversation about it is glowing and positive.

Tracking the sentiment of the social media conversation about you shows you how positively you are seen. You can engage with both positive and negative feedback, and learn from it.

How to replicate this technique

Be ready to respond to comments and feedback. If you are a BID or a placemaker, use the sentiment report to understand what you are doing well for residents and locals, and what they want more of.

Key takeaway

Whatever great social media content you’re creating, ensure that it's engaging, shareable and relevant. Be passionate about place and the people you represent. Excitement and energy catches on, so make sure you are head cheerleader and championing everything your town, city and the businesses within it have to offer.

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