Independent and instagrammable coffee shops

In our last post about cafe culture for Bira members, we looked at the trends in social media content from independent coffee shops. With this in mind we’ve now compiled a handy guide so that you can get more buzz for your coffee buck out of your own social media posts, improve your content marketing; and drive footfall to your own local cafe or indie java haunt.

Using social listening tools

The insight social listening gives you will enable you to

  • identify conversations your audience are having on social media
  • put your efforts into the social media platforms that are right for your business
  • improve your content and engagement strategy.

Maybe* listened to the online conversation using the hashtag #independentcoffeeshop across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see where the most content marketing was taking place, which platform drove the most engagement, and which platform delivered the most positive sentiment during November 2019.

Looking at the details

During November there were 337 conversations about #independent coffee shops across social media. Not surprisingly it was Instagram that delivered the most content in the conversation with 296 grammable goodies to keep everyone salivating. The gram also earned content, over 4000 engagements demonstrating that for each post about an independent coffee shop, 14  more people will like or comment on it.

Engagement Graph

The See What Works report from Maybe*, highlighting engagement with #independentcoffeeshop social media content. See the engagement for your own content.

Facebook accounted for 0% of content using the hashtag #independentcoffeeshop but its not common for hashtags to get used on the platform. Facebook is still a great place to communicate with customers and appeal to them visually, but you don’t need to worry too much about hashtags there. Focus instead on creating upbeat posts, and responding to customer reviews.

Twitter played host to 39 conversations. Our social media analytics revealed that on both Twitter and Instagram, content scored well over 50% for positivity. So keep your posts as perky as your brews.

Caffeinated content

Sadly our eyes are definitely not bigger than our bellies, but these were a feast for our peepers. Instagram provides the opportunity to make tummies rumble, and lips smack. Great visual styling of sweets and treats, cosy decor and a steaming hot cups of joe will have your followers munching and brunching before you know it.


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Creating a conversation about your cafe or coffee shop is easier than fixing up an instant blend to do on Instagram. Ensure your images are visually appealing, and show your product in a lifestyle setting. You could suggest recipes, talk about seasonal flavours, espout the health benefits of your wares and if you’ve got a showbiz kinda barista team, get creative with video and Instagram stories. For instance using stories to ask customers to vote for their favourite bites is a fab way to drive engagement, induce hunger pangs and entice a visit.

Social listening tools support your business to find its voice in crowded markets, dig out a much-loved content niche and build a meaningful presence on social media. Try it for free.