How to stay connected to customers despite uncertainty and strict lockdown measures

The number of consumers active on social media is increasing dramatically. This means there's a captive audience for businesses looking to promote services, sell products or drive footfall. But are they maximising the opportunity?

Our data tells us that businesses that are embracing social media to engage with customers and other businesses are better placed to survive and recover from the impact of the pandemic while building loyalty and sentiment with their customers.

Maybe* is committed to supporting local recovery across the UK, so each week we virtually visit a different town to show exactly how businesses there are using social to its best. This week we’re off to Knowsley, where unfortunately business social media use is lower than the UK average. Nonetheless, businesses in the Merseyside town are doing an inspiring job at staying connected to customers despite being under local lockdown restrictions at the highest level.

Maybe* Place Insights tool allows you to benchmark the social media activity, posts, engagement, sentiment and conversation topics of all businesses within your place. When you know what the local conversation sounds like in any town or place, you can replicate the successful tactics no matter where you are.

How many businesses in Knowsley have social media accounts?

Maybe* Place Insights shows us that 21% of businesses in Knowsley have social media accounts. This is lower than the national average of 28%. While local lockdown restrictions are in place, the number of businesses on social media in Knowsley did not drop once the lockdown was imposed. Still the area must increase its participation to stay connected to customers especially at the moment.

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How many businesses in Knowsley create social media content everyday?

Of those 21% of businesses, an average of 32% of them are active every day. But this drops to as low as 24% through the weekend.

How many posts do businesses make and how engaging are they?

Knowsley’s businesses create an average of 1,000 pieces of social media content per day Those social posts earn approximately 200,000 engagements per day. That’s 200 per post, which is an incredible achievement!  

Not only is this higher than other towns and authorities across the UK; but is especially promising and impressive given the circumstances. It’s great to see so much content being created every day, and customers of those businesses showing their support on social media.

What is Knowsley’s best social media content?

We’ve used the Maybe* Best Post in a Place tool to find Knowsley’s best post on Saturday October 17.

Whitley Neill is a well known gin brand, distilled in the area. It’s Brazilian Lime suggests flavours of Summer, long since gone and offers punters a taste of better things to come and dreams of warmer climes.


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What conversations do Knowsley’s businesses create?

Knowsley’s content puts the wider Liverpool area front and centre. Although Coronavirus does feature; Knowsley businesses have been busy creating content about Christmas, DIY and homeware. Lockdown barely features so it's fantastic to see the area trying its hardest to get to business as usual.

It seems across the board, Autumn and the turn in weather is dimming the social media conversation in places across the UK. Knowsley is no different. But the sentiment of the conversations is understandably a little lower than most. Never has there been a more pressing time to keep inspiring and supporting your customers.

Key takeaway

Maybe* Place Insights aims to inspire more businesses to take up social media on a daily basis. When one business thrives, others can follow suit by participating and engaging in the local conversation.

As more and more places have strict social distancing and lockdown measures reintroduced, there has never been a more vital time for businesses to stay connected and stay afloat. Rally behind place and your community!

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