How to smash your social media in 2023 – Q4 ‘22 in review

2022 is nearly at its end, and 2023 is getting ready to hit the ground running. To get you started, let’s take a look at some of the social media trends set to take top spot in the New Year, and the social accounts that have been paving the way in 2022.

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The role of the influencer

Social media influencers are projected to be big news for 2023. Louis Vuitton got in on the action with an Instagram ad featuring footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi playing chess on a suitcase.

It could quite possibly be the most engaged Instagram post of all time, after achieving astonishing levels of engagement.

The two footballers shared the image on their own social accounts, as well as Louis Vuitton's, which proved to be a master play in engagement – the combined total of likes across those accounts is in excess of 80million, and counting.

How to replicate

Timing is everything here. Louis Vuitton timed their advert to coincide with the FIFA World Cup, when thoughts naturally turned to football.

Sharing is so important, too. Granted, the majority of businesses won't have the budget to draw in footballer's salaries, but the more eyes you can get on your posts, the better. It says a lot that the bulk of the engagement for this advert came from the footballers' accounts themselves, not just from Louis Vuitton.


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A rise in User Generated Content (UGC)

Keeping it simple but effective, IKEA paired up with an interiors influencer to come up with three alternative uses for one of their chopping board products. From bookends to laptop trays and a tiered kitchen storage solution, the Reel they shared gave customers ideas and inspiration for how they could use the product in multiple ways.

How to replicate

Instagram Reels are increasingly being prioritised in your audience's feed. This means video content is more likely to be seen, so they are a useful content stream to look for in your partnerships and when sharing customer content. Invite your customers to share their posts with you, then incorporate them into your content plan, to be shared across your social channels.


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Focus on your community

Celebrate your community both on and offline. Visit Sheffield made it their mission to celebrate all things place earlier this year. They rounded up five positive news stories celebrating the best Sheffield had to offer across food, tourism, the arts and music. Each story had a corresponding post in its own right, but rounding them up has a greater impact, offering multiple 'pride in place' moments in one hit.

How to replicate

Think of regular round up posts as the social media equivalent of a Sunday paper supplement. They provide your followers with multiple things to do, more reasons to get excited and draw more attention and footfall to the best your place has to offer.

Fancy getting ahead of the trends in 2023?

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