How to smash your social media in 2023 – Q3 ‘22 in review

It’s nearly 2023. Yes, we know. Where did the year go? As thoughts turn to another New Year, let’s take a look at the social media themes set to take top spot on our screens in 2023, and the trendsetters from 2022 already leading the way.

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More collaboration with creators in social content

Over the summer, fitness brand Gymshark responded to research that showed men are more comfortable opening up to their barber about their mental health and challenges they face, than other people in their lives. In response to this, Gymshark opened a barbershop where men had the opportunity to open up.

To get the word out, they teamed up with a men's mental health charity and online content creators. The initiative raised awareness of the mental health challenges men face while providing a real solution to a real problem backed by real action.

How to replicate

Sharing the causes your business supports and cares about on social media tells customers who you are as a business and what you stand for. People want to support businesses whose values align with their own. But authenticity is crucial. Your words and social media posts should always be backed up by the things you do. Whether you’re fundraising, donating profits or hosting events, make sure you demonstrate how you’re putting your own words into action.

Bring your personality into your content

Innocent's social media team are really not that innocent. They always bring a cheeky sense of humour to their posts. From taking the mickey out of their boss, to encouraging office banter, posts that come from Innocent HQ always give you a sense of what it’s like to work there.

Innocent show us that social media does not need to be all work and no play. Relatable memes, office related jokes and dry humour really give you a sense of the personalities and people behind the brand. They also happen to sell great juices.

How to replicate

People buy from people. As an independent business, customers really want to invest in you and not just what you sell. So help people get to know you. Silly humour and witty banter can go a long way.


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Get the tone right for your audience

Where there's a supermarket scandal, there's an Aldi way. As the cost of Lurpak butter hit the headlines, Aldi were quick off the mark to remind customers of their lower price point alternative. You can rely on Aldi to add a well humoured and well-intentioned response that gains traction in terms of comments and retweets.

How to replicate

As the cost of living rises and has a very real impact on households, it’s important to get the tone of your pricing messaging right. In Aldi's case, their dry humour and speed of reaction landed well as it is on brand for them. Other retailers might prefer a gentler approach pointing out cost savings or promotions. However you choose to react to news around the economy, make sure it is appropriate for your brand, and for the audience you want to land the message with. If it doesn't feel authentic to you and your business, then it's probably not right.

Fancy getting ahead of the trends in 2023?

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