How to smash your social media in 2023 – Q2 ‘22 in review

Wondering what social media might look like in 2023? We’ve pulled together some of the top trends projected to hit our social feeds in 2023, and taken a wander back in time to look at the big accounts already getting busy on social media over the past year.

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One size fits all? Make your content work across all your channels

Asda make it easy for their social team to celebrate their retail staff, right across all their social channels. Using a simple approach for their posts, with a single photo and caption, they’re quick and easy to adapt for straightforward scheduling.

How to replicate

Content like this, recognising your team in a public way, works brilliantly as ‘evergreen content’ – the stuff that works year-round and doesn’t date. Use evergreen content to keep your content flow going, then top up your schedule with topical items on a weekly basis.

No schedule? No problem. We’ve got you covered.

Social media as a customer service experience

Use your social media as an extension of your customer service experience by keeping up to date on comments and engagement.

This post from Aldi was a brilliant opportunity for fun engagement with the brand, and their customers lapped it up. With an enormous audience though, Aldi have come to expect the rough with the smooth, and customer complaints, issues and queries can fill up the comments section just as quickly.

Never ones to shirk their social (media) responsibilities, Aldi’s social team rolled up their sleeves and got stuck in. This lets their customers know that they have a voice, and are being seen and heard by the brand.

How to replicate

If you've got a product you know people will love and be desperate to get their paws on; make sure your social media content is just as appealing. Keep an eye on your comments and be proactive with your responses.

Get in on the big events

Glastonbury re-opened its gates to festival goers for the first time in two years in June, with a post featuring headliner Billie Eilish set scoring the festival the most engagement. The moody, close up image gave followers not attending the festival a view of the action, and for those who did attend, a chance to reminisce. The image does the talking with a simple caption noting the artist and the stage they performed on, alongside the #Glastonbury2022 hashtag.

How to replicate

Big events like Glastonbury get everyone talking so even though it might not be relevant to your business, use occasions like these to engage followers. Maybe you sell festival or music related products; perhaps you just enjoyed a performance and want to ask your followers what they think. If that's not quite right for your business, simply take a leaf from Glastonbury's book and let show stopping images do the talking for you.

Fancy getting ahead of the trends in 2023?

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