How to smash your social media in 2023 – Q1 ‘22 in review

As 2022 heads to a close, it’s time to look ahead to the New Year and think about planning your social media content going forward. Let’s take a look at some of the social media trends set to be lighting up our screens in 2023, and how you can work those into your content.

To help us look forward, we’ll also be looking back: at the businesses and brands already picking up on the hottest social media trends, and how you can follow their winning moves.

Annual topics

Awareness of the environment and personal wellbeing are strong themes throughout January. ‘Veganuary’ is a great opportunity for supermarkets, skincare and beauty brands to evaluate their content, to ensure it matches the tone of the month.

Boots came out strongly in January, with a post featuring skincare favourite The Ordinary.

Veganuary may traditionally be something supermarkets and restaurants can get onboard with, however skincare and beauty brands also have the opportunity to maximise their cruelty-free or plant based offerings at a time of year where customers are doubling down on the self care and lifestyle changes.

How to replicate

Be aware of relevant hashtags, awareness days/weeks and months as well seasonal moments like Veganuary. They offer businesses a chance to create and theme content around things already top of customers’ minds.


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Use social media to improve your customer experience

Social media is the go-to place for brands to connect with customers, and Primark have long been ahead of the game on this score. This seasonal carousel post from March 2022, introducing some key colour trends for Spring, offered a brilliant opportunity to engage with their customer base.

The post invited customers to scroll through and vote and comment on their favourite colour trend.

How to replicate

Asking customers to comment with their opinion is always going to get social media tongues wagging. Using their feedback helps you gauge what content is likely to perform best, if you know your customers are head over heels for lilac, then you can be sure they’ll love to see more content about that, and be inspired to visit your store and pick up a few of the featured items.


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Focus on your communities, not just individuals

In a bid for a deeper connection with their audiences, brands will continue to share more about themselves – the teams behind the brand. In a changing economic climate, it’s important for consumers to feel part of something, and are more likely to make a purchase when they feel emotionally connected to a business or brand.

Cath Kidston did this brilliantly in their series of posts behind the scenes, garnering heaps of engagement, too. The brand introduced key team members from the store environment and in Head Office, then followers were invited to pose questions to the team members via Stories. For businesses such as Cath Kidston with a cult following and a distinct brand, it also gave diehard fans a sneak peek behind the scenes.

How to replicate

Introducing your team and people helps customers get to know the people behind your business, giving them a chance to see the passion that goes into it.


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Fancy getting ahead of the trends in 2023?

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