How to drive more traffic and sales from Instagram

If you are looking to improve your own content and drive better engagement and ultimately sales, you have come to the right place. The Maybe* Best Post tool allows you to draw inspiration and learn what works best on social media for every retailer in any place across the UK. We can even show you how to narrow down all those pieces of social content by sector. We’re off to North Somerset to find out how businesses in the area have been utilising Instagram to stay connected and drive direct sales. 

What was the best performing post?

We’ve used the Maybe* Best Post tool to find North Somerset’s best post.

Vintage Abs is an independent clothing business with a focus on sustainability and recycling and upcycling clothes.

The Instagram post features ideas for styling featuring multiple items from the store. The post is clickable and shoppable so that customers can easily buy the items they see in the post. Plus, a link to the store is given on every post. The business has a Shopify site so they don't limit themselves to the local conversation.


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How to replicate this technique

Everything about Vintage Abs content is consistent. Every post is shoppable, and every post features the website link. All that’s missing from this post is hashtags. But the business has chosen not to use these to ensure that they benefit from customers choosing to shop the post or shop the website. Everything in their social content is about driving traffic.

Shoppable Instagram is not a solution available for everyone as you need a certain amount of followers. But never fear, you can get around this by using solutions like tap bio (Maybe* uses this on our own content) to drive people through to take the action to browse and buy from your website.

Key takeaway

The consistency of Vintage Abs content means it is always recognisable as the brand's no matter what platform it's used on. Knowing what calls to action to include on each post will ensure you can drive the behaviour you want to see the most.

With the Maybe* platform, you don’t have to be a social media pro to increase traffic and sales.


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