How to discover which influencers you should be working with

Working with influencers can be a daunting task - which should you work with and how do you measure success?

The first step is to understand what an ‘influencer’ is: An influencer is someone who typically has a large and loyal online audience. This audience follows the influencer on social media for insights into their life and to see the products and services the influencer users. Influencers are commonly found posting pictures of their lives and interests on Instagram, but they are usually active across all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Many have their own blogs as well.

However, knowing which influencers to work with and how to measure results is a challenge for many brands.

Not all influencers are created equal. While some may have millions of followers, it’s of no use to your bottom line if their audience isn’t engaging with their content. You want your influencer to start a conversation with their followers around your products, services, or events. Because engagement - not just views - is what leads to clicks, sales, and footfall

That’s why Maybe* measures how influential a person really is by looking at both how engaging their content is and how many followers they have. In our Influencer report, the larger the circle, the more influence a person or account truly has in the conversation you’re listening to.

How to discover who your influencers are

Keith Scarrott Shoes use the Maybe* platform to research influencers who are already creating conversations around their shoes and who have an engaged audience. Their Influencer report has helped them make decisions around which influencers to build relationships with.

After determining which influencers were a good fit, Keith Scarrott hosted an event which invited influencers to their retail store for an evening of shoe shopping whilst discussing potential collaborations.


Collaborating with influencers to increase conversation

Since the event, Keith Scarrott has collaborated with many new influencers. Because the influencers chosen have both solid audience numbers and engagement with their audience, the amount of conversation around Keith Scarrott shoes has increased substantially, which is contributing to Keith Scarrott already reaching a third of their online revenue targets in the first quarter of their financial year, far surpassing last year’s already impressive performance.

By continuing to listen to the conversation via the Maybe* platform, Keith Scarrott can discover what content is resonating with their audience. This insight allows them to work more effectively with influencers and create more content that their audience loves to engage with and talk about.  

"Maybe* has helped significantly grow sales by efficiently identifying the right influencers for my brand. It's opened up a whole new customer base."

- Sophie Scarrott, Owner Keith Scarrott Shoes