How to create a winning social media strategy for 2021

Creating successful social media strategies can be hard. Agencies and internal marketing teams are under pressure to demonstrate tangible results and commercial return on tight budgets. To do this you need data that validates your decisions.

Within Maybe*, all clients have access to a Guide that goes step by step through the questions that need answering in order to create a winning social media strategy.

Using Maybe* Insights enables teams to monitor competitors, evaluate their own content performance and identify opportunities in the market to reach new customers and cut through the surrounding noise. 

Teams can use Maybe* to create both a birdseye view and then narrow them down to review current business performance and positioning against all competitors and conversations in the market.

The Guide within the Maybe* platform takes you through a step-by-step process that helps answer these key questions:

  • What are customers saying about your brand?
  • What are customers saying about your competitor brands?
  • What are customers saying about topics about your industry?
  • What are the key conversations relevant to you?
  • How is your social content performing?
  • What is engaging customers the most?
  • What is engaging customers the least?
  • How do customers feel about the brand?
  • What are the common themes in your competitor conversations that are driving the most engagement?
  • Is the story you are currently telling in line with your client's key brand messages, or in line with the opportunities identified?

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