What social media reveals about how the wellness trend will evolve in 2020

Maybe* has been working with Bira to provide insights that support indie retailers shape up their social media strategies and their social media engagement with existing and potential customers. As well as delivering tips and tricks, we’ve now turned our attention to trend spotting for 2020.

Using social media analytics, we can help Bira members get a jump on the products and messages likely to pique consumer interest in the wellness space. We looked at over 11,000 conversations featuring wellness and wellness trends in October. Whether its waistline goals, mental decluttering, or creating simplicity and stillness, your customers’ wellness is likely to become your business as well as theirs come January and beyond.

Wellness is no longer just weight loss

When thinking wellness, remember it’s more than exercise and a number on the scales. Mental and emotional wellbeing is now being focused on within popular culture as a conversation that can no longer be ignored. 

Health and happiness go hand in hand and as this dialogue continues to grow, so too will the number of people seeking to understand and learn more. Self-help books and biography, as well as journalling products,  will help cater to this deserving space.


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IF YOU FIND YOURSELF LOOKING THROUGH GLOOMY GLASSES | FOCUSED ON THE WORST | How do you find the rose ones? Here's how? . ?@themelodyh ? ✒@anxiety_wellbeing ? . ANXIETY Can be caused by Accumulating stress & overwhelm. A fear Hormone imbalance Blocking emotions Nutrional unbalance Vitamin or mineral deficiency ETC. . FUNCTION The anxiety function is a natural human mechanism. When our mind & body senses a danger. It sends a signal to the adrenal gland to start the stress hormones like adrenalin & cortisol. =body symptoms that can feel like something worse than anxiety. The mind also has a job to keep focused for danger. . ?Remember it believes we are in danger, this is a gloomy pair of glasses. You are able to spot everything that could go wrong & imagine the worst. . Ps. Mind & body sensing/believing you are in danger = a healthy reaction from the 'causes' ? . The causes listed above are not good for your wellbeing. IF your Wellbeing is being compromised, you will begin to get sick =Danger! . So when you're experiencing anxiety because of the causes & you are focused on all that can go wrong. You have to find the roses to send a message to your mind.? . 'Listen, I know you are sensing danger & there is a good reason but I am going to be ok, I am listening to you. I will look at these causes & put my wellbeing first. But you need to turn off these stress hormones for me to do that. I will show you I am ok. There is no danger right NOW'. . Use your tools . 4.7.8 breathing Guided meditation Sip water Wait for it to pass. Emotions do pass. . PUT ON YOUR ROSE⚘ GLASSES? Do not negotiate with yourself 'No matter how i feel, no matter if i feel it won't help, I'm doing this' . FOCUS ON 3 things you are grateful for * that cost nothing, that you appreciate in the ? A song you love Your favorite people A picture of a nice memory Favorite ????? . ANYTHING that gives you a nice memory. . Distracts the gloomy sends? a message 'we are ok there is no Danger' . Then when the stress hormones have passed you can RECOVER. *as long as it takes & look for the CAUSES & what you CAN do about them. . #anxiety #anxietycoach #recovery #wellness #selfhelpers .

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Homemade and homegrown

In another post within this series for Bira, we profiled the conversation around growing your own. This trend will no doubt cross over into the wellness movement as consumers continue to want more control over how and where their grub is produced. In addition expect more health-conscious grazers to be seeking out gluten-free, micro-nutrients, seeds and grains for their insta-inspired, home-cooked munch.

Meditation and movement

And breathe… closely coupled with the growing awareness of mental health issues; meditation is truly having its moment. As more and more of us seek alternative treatments and self-care rituals, taking time for oneself creates opportunities for gifting and self treats. Paired with yoga and the mindful movement, customers will be seeking the perfect props to create tranquil and meditative spots at home. Encompassing everything from Yoga mats, massage and essential oils, Himalayan salt lamps, crystals and sound bowls; we’re expecting some chilled vibes in 2020.

How to gain ground

Thanks to the likes of Joe Wicks and Kayla Itsines; meditation apps like Calm and Headspace and the spotlight being shone on our mental and emotional wellbeing, it’s safe to say that wellness is more whole than it has ever been. Incorporating community and a wider consciousness, products with an eco and sustainability message, as well as clean living and self care look set only to grow in the rapidly approaching new decade. Ensure you incorporate these messages into your product picks and customer communications to keep your business healthy and strong in 2020.

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