How shopping centres can gear up for Black Friday

Black Friday has become a key shopping date in the UK for those looking to bag a bargain in the run up to Christmas. But despite its online dominance, few offline retailers or shopping centres are capitalising on the opportunity to maximise increased footfall and increased interest from customers looking to shop. Maybe* has reviewed the social media content created by shopping centres using the hashtag #blackfriday from November 15 - November 19 2021 to see what we can learn.

Regional shopping centres are sharing retailer and tenant offers but shopping centre participation in the #BlackFriday conversation is very low on the whole. Here we show you how you can leverage social media this Black Friday weekend.

What's the opportunity for shopping centres?

While many physical retailers may not be participating, a large number of shopping centres will see increased footfall from customers visiting because consumers expect there might be discounting. 

In the days that follow Black Friday, shopping centres may also see increased footfall from customers who are dropping by and making use of click and collect services from retailers who have offered online discounts. 

There may also be an increase in instore returns. These factors mean shopping centres can benefit from being a part of the Black Friday conversation to help reduce customer friction in the centre, and help customers find somewhere to have a coffee or meal, or do something that encourages them to spend more time in the centre.

What are retailers saying?

Brands like Lakeland and homeware items from the likes of Nespresso feature heavily in the Black Friday conversation. These categories may be where some retailers lose business to the likes of Amazon. Beauty content from the likes of Superdrug and The Perfume Shop are also seen frequently within the most common Black Friday posts. 

Customers expect to see these items discounted over Black Friday so if retailers are offering deals and discounts to compete with the online giants, shopping centres should support and share them to their audiences. 

The data reveals that regional shopping centres rather than destination centres are the most likely to have begun sharing their tenant offers. 

Social media is a crucial channel for shopping centres to communicate their tenants' offers to customers while footfall is higher.

Key takeaways

  • Shopping centre conversation the week commencing 15th November was low. It may well increase in the week running up to the event.
  • Even though Black Friday is predominantly an online event, many retailers online have started discounting early AND are offering click and collect services in store.
  • Shopping Centres need to maximise the additional footfall they might receive in the week after Black Friday as customers collect orders. Direct them to F&B tenants or Christmas grottos, and provide reasons for people to stay in the centre, not just pass through.
  • Shopping centres need to be communicating their own opening hours as well as those of their retailers to help reduce customer friction.
  • Shopping centres need to be aware of their retailers’ and tenants’ Black Friday promotions, reshare and engage with them.

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