How one tweet saved a local mechanic business

Harley Walsh saved her father’s mechanic and car repair business in a single tweet. JUST. ONE. TWEET!  This post earned tens of thousands of engagements and has made headlines across the country. Here's how she did it.

Getting real

Harley got real. She used her platform to ask for help. Her father's business was in real danger of going under due to the pandemic and she reached out for support.  She packed her post with family pictures to make the sentiment of the post really hit home and it worked. People reacted to her plea for help because it felt genuine and heartfelt. She was a real person trying to help another person, in this case, her dad. The post was well constructed too, containing an offer, a contact number and asked people to engage to help get the message out.

The success of Harley’s tweet lies in its humanity. Telling your story and the challenges you are facing alongside what you have to offer is even more important at the moment. It’s your job to make sure your content reflects exactly why they should support you.

Harley’s story points to the importance of humanity and empathy in our business communications. People buy from people. All retailers can benefit from telling the story of their staff, their heritage and the real world problems human beings have that your products and services solve for.


Key takeaway

Social media is an inherently personal communication channel. Use it that way for maximum effect to increase reach, awareness and engagement It delivers headline news too.

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