How Nando’s uses social media to drive a bit of cheeky customer engagement

Fancy a cheeky Nando’s? Don’t we all? Nando’s success on social media is owed to a simple but of course, cheeky social media strategy.

Here we show you how Nando’s engages its audience and prioritises customer feedback and engagement over content creation without losing any of the sauce it’s famous for, so you can do more of the same following the Maybe* 10 steps framework.

Step 1: What is the business goal?

Nando’s is still serving albeit in a delivery and takeout capacity. Their goal is to continue to keep their customers bellies full be that through ordering from their restaurants or their ever-expanding supermarket lines.

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Step 2: Telling the Nando’s  story

It’s called a cheeky Nando’s for a reason. Whether it's across Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, Nando’s can be relied upon to deliver punchy and playful social media content.

Pithy one liners or jumping on the news cycle where relevant and chancing a laugh with it, Nando’s has social media humour down.

While tongue in cheek might not be right for every business, talking to your customers personably and as you would a friend, helps you develop a human voice for your social story.

Step 3: What does Nando's want its audience to do?

Nando's keeps its social media strategy simple, just like its menu. It doesn't create that much content, but what it is does create definitely lands with the brand's audience. During February, the business only posted about once a day to social media.

Nando’s wants its audience to order deliveries and clicking and collecting. The content and service are different, but the way they inspire an audience to take action has not changed much from their pre-lockdown activity. One of the ways they are promoting this service is by taking their celebrity partnerships and incorporating their names into their takeaway content.

Try and add some of your own elements of personalisation into your social content? Whether that’s thanking your takeout and online customers creatively or reminding them you can’t wait to welcome them back. There’s always a way you can be more personal to drive engagement.

Step 4: How does Nando's engage with customers?

Nando’s regularly encourages its audience to tag a mate or share their plates. It's a simple yet effective tactic at growing their reach. Where they really own social media is by the sheer quantity of their customers that create content about them . . without even be encouraged! 

Engaging with social media content created by your customers builds loyalty and should form part of a great social media strategy. Re-sharing content from your customers shows them some serious love too. You can incentivise this via a contest mechanic if you really want to build a groundswell of customers creating content about you. 

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Step 5: Who does Nando's want to engage?

Nando's' customers could be Gen Z gym bunnies or Slimming World dieters looking for tasty recipes they can make at home. There’s something universal about Nando’s so they have plenty of people to engage.

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Key takeaway

Keep it simple, but never plain. Nando’s goes easy on the posting and focuses their efforts on engaging with customer feedback. When Nando’s posts, its tone of voice is in keeping with what you would expect from a restaurant that's earned a "cheeky" prefix. Adding humour and personality in keeping with the brand, while delivering very responsive engagement makes for a simple but effective social media strategy that you too can deliver on.

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