How local pride can improve engagement and sales

The Peak District is a region that inspires loyalty and pride in its residents and admiration from its visitors, reflected in the high engagement across social media on posts about the area. From tourism bodies to independent retailers, locals and visitors alike show high levels of engagement in local content as compared to other regions in the UK.

Retailers and shopping destinations alike can benefit from this loyalty and engagement by ensuring that their content is delivered through the lens of the Peak District. Make sure your content and your engagement with others’ content celebrates local events, local attractions, and local people.

Mums spark the conversation in the Peak District

Digging further into the different audiences in the Peak District, the mummy audience is a particularly active audience online in the Peak District conservation. There are approximately five posts per day about parenting. They tend to be positive with suggestions for things to do with kids, especially as seen by the peeks over half term period. This is an example of an influencer audience that can be valuable for relevant brands, organisations, and events to engage with.

Retailers, community centres, and even shopping destinations would be well placed the join this conversion and meet the needs expressed by this group of mums: somewhere for them to meet up, share experiences, and connect.

The Peak District’s 'How they feel' report showing how the mum discussion in the Peak District is predominantly positive. How does your audience feel?

When looking at the content of the conversations mums are sharing, there is a clear trend in keywords around family and kids. There is a crossover with parenting and family blogs as well as support and mental health groups for mums.

The Peak District’s 'What’s being said' report showing the words most commonly used in the mummy discussion in the Peak District. What is your audience saying?

Unlock opportunities to connect

Listening to the conversations around both where your audience is and what they’re saying and unlock opportunities to connect that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Make sure you’re listening to the right conversations.

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