How ‘good vibes only’ makes for a winning content strategy

The sentiment you create in a conversation is driven by the language you use. So it’s important to stay positive in your content, creating an exciting and inviting vibe. Positivity matters so as they say: "good vibes only" please.

We’re off to Hayle in Cornwall to show you how one town and its businesses can improve the sentiment of the conversation in a whole place. This guide can be applied easily to your location. 

Maybe* Place Insights allows you to benchmark the social media activity, posts, engagement, sentiment and conversation topics of all businesses within your place. When you know what the local conversation sounds like, you can shape your own content strategy to be locally relevant and positively on point.

How many businesses in Hayle have social media accounts?

Maybe* Place Insights shows us that 46% of businesses in Hayle marked in yellow are active on social media. This is higher than the wider Cornwall area which sees 30% of its businesses with social media accounts.

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How many businesses in Hayle create social media content everyday?

Of those 46% of businesses, 43% of them are active every day. In Cornwall as a whole this number is less than 30%, so there's plenty of room for improvement. Many businesses believe they don't have the time or the resource to manage social media accounts. But with so many tools available, social media is the simplest and most efficient way to promote your business to your customers. 

How many posts do businesses make and how engaging are they?

Hayle’s businesses create an average of 200 pieces of social media content per day. Those social posts earn approximately 5,000 engagements per day. That’s about 25 engagements per post - a decent average for organic content.

Who has a great content strategy in Hayle?

We’ve used the Maybe* Best Post in a Place tool to find Hayle’s best post on Friday September 10th.

Local coffee shop Feed celebrates the Indian Summer with a gorgeous photo of its outdoor courtyard. A picture speaks a thousand words, and a sun soaked one, even more. The post received almost six times the average engagements in the area.

What conversations do Hayle's businesses create?

The conversation created by Hayle businesses is place-led, but not specifically to Hayle. Surrounding towns such as Camborne and Helston feature alongside Hayle itself. Autumn coats and fashion trends seem to feature a lot, suggesting the area’s clothing stores have contributed heavily to the amount of content produced by local businesses.

Hayle’s content needs a little positivity boost. Businesses need to remember to follow Feed’s example and make their posts as positive, inviting and upbeat as possible. If you’re excited, customers will be.

Keeping your content strategy aligned to remaining upbeat, positive and exciting goes a long way to keeping the conversation scoring positively. That's not to say that all content should must be positive, but it's about recognising the importance of balance.

Key takeaway

Maybe* Place Insights aims to inspire more businesses to take up social media on a daily basis. When one business thrives, others can follow suit by participating and engaging in the local conversation, while keeping the vibes good makes for a winning content strategy.

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