How an independent shoe boutique delivers well-heeled social media to drive sales

In the wake of COVID-19, Cheltenham independent shoe retailer Keith Scarrott is thriving. With a little help from Maybe*s social media tools, the SME more than doubled its month-on-month sales in April and its year-on-year performance in 2020.

Over a short period of time the business was able to identify behavioural trends and effectively use our social media engagement platform to continue to serve customers online from an existing and new customer base.

We’ll share how Keith Scarrott achieved this success so you can apply the same logic and use the same free tools for similar success with your business. 

Know what works

The Keith Scarrott shoes boutique is one of Maybe*s social media heroes. The business truly knows the value of engaging as well as focusing its content creation on what truly works for its audience. It may sound simple, but it's social media gold which often equates to a bonza bottom line. 

Over the first two weeks of lockdown, the business ceased posting its own content and instead spent its social media efforts on engaging with the local community.

It actively started posting again at the beginning of April, but instead of trying to just sell shoes through its social channels, the business focused on creating fun activities for the kids of their shoe-buying customer base. This included shoe designing contests alongside the launch of a new trainer at a lower price point for stressed mums looking to self treat.

The result? Keith Scarrott's organic engagement in light purple delivered as much as its paid content shown in light blue. Now, that's impressive!

How to replicate this technique

By knowing what worked for its local customers, and crucially what those customers needed, the business was able to keep communicating and selling to a larger customer base than it had before, without coming across as insensitive.

Keep track of what social media posts are the most engaging and do more like this. If you want to boost posts, focus on the posts that are already delivering for you organically to get more bang for your buck.


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Know how much customers talk about you

During lockdown Keith Scarrott focused on engaging with its customers and the local conversation. The brand supported schools, other local businesses and shared updates from the local BID and council.

As a result the business increased its reach and more customers were talking about the business during lockdown. This opened them up to a whole new customer base.

How to replicate this technique

Use this report to see when your customers are most active and talking about you, and make sure you engage with these conversations and customers.


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How do your customers feel?

Keith Scarrott spent the lockdown months following the example of many businesses and paused all social media activity and advertising and focused only on engaging with the community. As the initial sensitivities to selling in the midst of a global crisis began to ease, the business made the decision to test advertising. But it wanted a proof point.

Keith Scarrott used the What’s Being Said report within Maybe*s social media tools set, to see how its sentiment was faring. The effort put into engaging rather than proactively posting had positioned the business well. So from mid April, on seeing customers were receptive to messaging, the business decided to start advertising and actively selling again. Not only was there no negative impact on its brand reputation but Keith Scarrott went on to double their sales month-on-month and year-on-year in April.

How to replicate this technique

Monitor your brand sentiment to see how positively customers are talking about you. This will give you clues as to when customers are more receptive to hearing your business messaging and when a good time to advertise might be.

You can also use this information to re-share and engage with positive feedback.

Key takeaway

Keith Scarrott has thrived by keeping its eye on what’s working well for customers and engaging in relevant conversations. By tracking sentiment Keith Scarrott knows exactly when is a good time to up communication and when it is right to advertise.

Maybe* is here to help businesses stay connected to customers through its social media engagement tool. By providing social media and advertising insight tools, we can help your business grow making social media an easy and efficient way to drive your business forward. 

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