Grow your own content marketing strategy

In our last post about DIY and homeware for Bira members, we explored what was causing home improvement and gardening enthusiasts pain. 

To understand what’s being said by shoppers with a penchant for plants, painting and all things in between we’ve examined the conversation about homeware. We listened to conversations across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. through September and October. 

The insight social media monitoring gives you helps craft your own content marketing, engage in the right conversations relevant to your target audience, and find out what influences your audience.

Looking at the details

What picture does the insight paint?

Through September and October there were 10,472 conversations about DIY, homeware, and hardware. 

7,991 of these conversations took place on Instagram, earning almost 50,000 engagements. Instagram content scores highly for positivity, in fact since our last post, sentiment this season has improved.

Although Christmas chatter is beginning to creep through, Garden centres still feature heavily in the topics of conversation our audience are having.

The Maybe* What's being said' report for the conversation around DIY and Gardening. See the most popular topics your audience talks about on social media.

Seasonal produce

As the festive season approaches, chatter around garden centres features seasonal plants and produce.

Whether it be foodie, fruity or festive, take advantage of the trends for homegrown by showcasing tips and tools to help get the job done. Showcase the end result your shoppers could achieve for themselves with inspiring images.

Key takeaway

Listening to and engaging in the conversation about the topics relevant to your business and audience is a great place to be planting your own content seeds.

To inspire ideas and showcase your products, keep your content as visual as possible and don’t be afraid to show love to the content that is inspiring you.

Maybe’s 'What’s Being Said' report identifies the important conversations your audience are having on social media. When you know what people are discussing, in real-time, you can join the right conversations now and learn how to spark the ones that will matter tomorrow.  Get started for free.