Exploring Solihull through Maybe* Place Insights

Maybe* Place Insights allows you to benchmark the social media activity, posts, engagement, sentiment and conversation topics of all businesses within your place. So we took a tour of the West Midlands  to see how active businesses are there, how engaging they are, and what topics of conversation sets Solihull’s social media tongues wagging. Maybe* Place Insights allows you to compare up to five locations so you can also see how Solihull’s output and efforts compare to other towns and places in the nearby area.

How many businesses in Solihull have social media accounts?

Maybe* Place Insights shows us that 35% of businesses in Solihull marked in pink have social media accounts. This is higher than the UK average post COVID-19 lockdown measures, but somewhat lower than towns and places in the surrounding areas.

How many businesses in Solihull post to social media everyday?

Of those 35% of Solihull’’s businesses, an average of 37% of them are active every day. It remains at this peak level, but on weekends and on Mondays, when many businesses are busy with weekend trade, and the beginning of the week admin and set up it drops. The graph shows this is a consistent pattern across the broader area, and where Solihull may have less business presence on social media, more of those businesses are active.

More activity on a more regular basis, and creating posts using relevant place hashtags helps all businesses in a place benefit. Let’s take a look at the posting volumes and engagement levels Solihull see.

How many posts to businesses make and how engaging are they?

Solihull leads the way in terms of the amount of content posted. While less businesses have social media, and they fared in the middle of the pack for the number of active businesses, Solihull creates the most amount of social media content compared to its neighbouring locations. Solihull posts circa 6000 pieces of social media content into cyberspace everyday.

Solihull isn’t just posting the most amount of content, its businesses are benefiting from the engagement on it as well. Businesses see around 100,000 engagements per day, so approximately 17 likes, shares, comments per post. Let’s find out what Solihull’s businesses are doing to drive engagement with local businesses.

What was Solihull’s best performing social media post?

We’ve used the Maybe* Best post in a place tool to find Solihull’s best post over the period July 30 to August 5

Let’s get physical! The Combat Centre in Solihull are engaging Twitter audiences with their kickboxing, boxing, and mixed martial arts classes and free taster sessions.

How to find the daily best post in a place

What conversations do Solihull’s businesses create?

Solihull creates a big conversation. The chat coming out of it is interesting and varied. Much content is tagged as Solhiull using the hashtag #solihull. Trend and lifestyle topics also appear such as style, fashion, foodie, suggesting that there is a rich amount of businesses with differing offerings and content themes.

Key takeaway

Maybe* Place Insights aims to inspire more businesses to take up social media on a daily basis. Businesses in locations will share customers, so by demonstrating the topics most frequently used in a place, and triggering engagement, everyone can get in on the action.

Maybe* is a collaborative social media management platform that provides engagement tools, actionable insights, reports and access to training that enables independent businesses make social media work for them.