Discovering the best served social media content from food retailers across the UK

New year, New you? Want to improve your social media content for 2021? Every week Maybe* rounds up the best posts from national retailers across different industries. As healthy eating is on the cards (well perhaps, alongside dry January, Veganuary and everything in between) our first best post of 2021 is coming from the UK’s food retailers.

What was the best performing post?

The best performing post accolade in terms of engagement on January 5th came from the Co-op.

We love this post as it pays no attention to what we *should* be opting to eat, and instead focuses on pleasure. And with lockdown taking enough from everyone as it is, Maybe* is definitely on board with a chocolatey treat or ten.


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How to replicate this technique

The Co-Op’s recipes feature regularly on Instagram. You can expect to find the images branded and identifiable as the Co-Op we all know and love. In addition they add serving suggestions, recipe times and the all important serving sizes.

These are techniques you can incorporate into your own content and make for a recipe for success.

Key takeaway

Knowing your best performing post helps you identify what your audience will respond to best. As more and more people are looking to add something extra to their ‘essential’ shopping while locked down, self treating at home has become the norm. This means showcasing something your audience can make for themselves in their own kitchen, or something they can buy from you with inspiration for serving suggestions or occasions to indulge.

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