Create excitement and intrigue for your product in 10 easy steps like Equiboodle

Equiboodle is an Equestrian retailer based in the Cotswolds. The business has a fantastic eCommerce presence and is busy fulfilling internet orders under lockdown. But for three hours a day they open the shop for click and collect, meaning they can still connect with local customers. Equiboodle is a masterclass in passion and positivity, both of which ooze from the brand's social media content. The business has a 10th birthday coming up and despite lockdown, the team have found a way to celebrate it, with new product. Exciting! 

Using our 10 steps to social media success framework, we show you how they are keeping customers engaged, excited and invested in their business.

Step 1: What was the business goal?

Equiboodle needs to sell their awesome equestrian clothing and accessories online and offline in their Cirencester store while using social media to engage and excite customers.

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Step 2: Telling the Equiboodle story

Equiboodle is a Cirencester-based Equestrian business with a national and international following. The business has grown via social media. To begin with, social media had a brand building and awareness function. But the brand's social channels have grown into sales drivers as they reap the benefits of engaging their customers with awesome content.

The business is the passion project of founder and owner Victoria Bodey. Vic’s enthusiasm and love of her business, customers and of course horses shines through in Equiboodle’s social media content.

When it comes to launching new products Vic and her team can frequently be caught on camera across Facebook and Instagram modelling the product. It’s this personal touch that means customers invest in the people behind the business as much as they do in the product it stocks.

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Step 3: What does Equiboodle want its audience to do?

Equiboodle regularly asks customers to engage with content about their new products by voting for their favourites. And as the business has a special 10th birthday celebration coming up, Vic and her team have been teasing a new product which has created quite the stir. Sharing a sense of surprise, intrigue and excitement not only engages an audience in social media content, it gets them psyched up to get their hands on a new product as soon as it is available. There’s nothing like a bit of FOMO!

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Step 4: How does Equiboodle engage with customers?

The pandemic and lockdown measures mean that the business is predominantly trading online, with the store only open from 2pm-5pm Monday-Saturday. Equiboodle is fully supportive of customers who want to use click and collect and open to provide this option.

For the customers who are unable or unwilling to visit the store during opening hours, Equiboodle still uses photography from inside the store on social media to remind customers who the team is and  what they're all about. Team members still feature in posts which keeps customers connecting online, but also reminds them of that offline connection.

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Step 5: Who does Equiboodle want to engage?

Keeping an eye on the social media accounts of important events in the equestrian set calendar and related  hashtags allows Equiboodle to monitor and engage with the conversations and the audience of those conversations.

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Steps 6-10

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Key takeaway

Equiboodle’s strength is in their personality and passion. By being willing to be chatty and accessible to customers as well as inviting feedback, the business creates excitement and love for its product and the people behind the scenes.

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