Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 consumer shopping report

Black Friday has become a shopping event that drives headlines and attracts more attention every year. Most Black Friday and Cyber Monday reports focus on retailers; looking to their challenges, expectations, and results. But what are consumers’ attitudes towards the biggest annual shopping event of the year?

A Maybe* chatbot delivered nearly 10,000 insights into what shoppers really thought about Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Exploring consumer sentiment and intentions, how consumers shop, what they bought, their impressions of the discounts, and whether they made purchases in-store or online, the chatbot used AI to understand how people feel about these key shopping days.

For example, the study found that Cyber Monday is not nearly as popular as Black Friday: People are 198.3% more likely to buy something of Black Friday than Cyber Monday.

And when asked if they felt the deals this year were better, the same, or worse than in past years:

    • 28.9% said better
    • 48.8% said the same
    • 22.3% said worse

Black Friday and Cyber Monday reports rarely include information from the people who really matter - the shoppers. Our chatbot gathered nearly 10,000 responses on what shoppers really think about these shopping days. From their impressions of the deals, to what they bought, to how they bought it, we shine a light on how retailers can truly meet the needs of shoppers on these key shopping days.


Polly Barnfield, Maybe* CEO & Founder

The  2018 Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping report

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 shopping report highlights findings from the survey and provides businesses with valuable insights into how to prepare for the year ahead:

  • How consumers planned to shop
  • Which product categories were most popular
  • The sentiment of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals being offered
  • Which channels consumers preferred to use to discover and shop deals
  • What portion of sales shoppers would have completed regardless of the deals and discounts

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