Be my Valentine! The best of Cupid’s Valentine’s Day social media content

Let’s have a socially distanced cuddle and celebrate the loveliest social media content there is.! The Maybe* Best post tool allows you to draw inspiration and learn what works best on social media for every retailer across the UK. So if you are looking to improve your own content and drive better engagement you have come to the right place.

We can even show you how to narrow down all those heart-shaped pieces of social media content by sector. So without further ado it's time to see the Valentine's Day social media content which Cupid’s arrow hit hard.

What was the best performing post?

This last week has seen everyone come over all mushy. We’ve done our social media homework and spent time scrolling through the #Valentinesday conversation like lovesick teenagers to discover the best Valentine's Day social media content. Here’s the most engaging post from B&M Bargains (honestly!)

How to replicate this technique

Who said romance is dead? There’s no harm in using seasonal events like Valentines Day to offer competitions around. And who doesn’t love flowers. By providing customers with the option of flowers - roses or tulips - B&M Bargains are able to increase the engagement on their post.

If you are creating contests, especially seasonal ones with a short entry window, make sure clear terms and conditions are on the post to avoid broken hearts.

Key takeaway

Knowing the best performing posts in any conversation will give you some great ideas about what tips and tricks you need to think about to increase your own engagement and reach in that conversation. Seasonal events like Valentine's Day can be hard to cut through, so make sure your content is as attractive and intriguing as possible. Encourage more engagement with voting mechanics or inspire commenting by asking simple questions.

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