A lesson from Aldi in how to engage and entertain customers on social media

Aldi really leads the supermarket pack when it comes to social media. Like all supermarkets over lockdown, they did a fantastic job serving customers and keeping everyone up to date. But Aldi has managed to add a layer of humour to its social media content to keep customers 'LOLing' as well as shopping.

Here we show you how Aldi engages its audience with entertaining tweets that earn engagements in the thousands day in and day out. Take what you can from their tactics, apply it to your own social content and see if your engagement and sentiment improves.

Know what works

Tracking your engagement shows you what content is working for your audience and what's inspiring them to communicate with you.

Aldi uses its social media channels differently but its on Twitter where the social media team really excels. Bringing humour to the table alongside a rapid response customer service team, Aldi’s tweets offer both engagement and entertainment.

How to replicate this technique

Aldi is not afraid to have a laugh and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It knows exactly what it is famous for, and plays up to that on social media.

Aldi has social media humour down and invites everyone along for the ride, even its competitors.

Make sure you add personality to your posts. Entertaining customers is just another way to engage them.

Know how much customers talk about you

Aldi’s customers create an average of 182 social media posts about the brand every day.

How to replicate this technique

Aldi’s recent takeover of its Twitter feed with its 30th birthday celebrations gained a lot of attention.

By experimenting with humour, and playing up to what it's famous and loved for, Aldi gets itself noticed. As a result customers then go on to create content about the brand.

How do your customers feel?

Tracking the sentiment of the social media conversation about you shows you how positively you are seen. You can engage with both positive and negative feedback, and learn from it.

Aldi sees fantastic content created about it amongst the foodie and wellness community. They’re a vocal bunch who love instagramming recipe ideas to fuel the positive vibes.

Overall, Aldi sees an equal amount of positive and negative sentiment. Where negativity occurs, it's usually from customer feedback on Twitter. But it’s stellar customer service team is always on hand to get right back to customers and follow up on complaints and feedback.


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How to replicate this technique

Make sure you recognise positive feedback and re-share customer content. For any negative comments or messages,  respond publicly to every single piece of feedback, and then divert the complaints to a private conversation via DM or email to resolve privately.

Key takeaway

Adding humour and personality in keeping with your brand, and drawing on the things your customers know and love you for will resonate with your audience and increase engagement and conversation about you. Like all comedy, timing is everything, so make sure humour is harmless and on point.

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