10 ways independent coffee shops can better serve takeaway customers

Like all restaurants and eateries, indie coffee shop The Find closed its dine in services at the start of the second lockdown on November 5. But thanks to some smashing social not only has it perked customers up with its takeaway treats, but it also got them looking ahead to Christmas when its doors would be well and truly open. We love this positive spirit and resilience. Here we show 10 things The Find has does really well on social media so you can replicate their techniques.

Step 1: What was the business goal?

During lockdown, The Find wanted customers to pay them a visit and treat themselves to a takeaway coffee and cake. The Find’s goal for social is that customers know they are still serving and are inspired to stop by or order.

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Step 2: Telling The Find’s story

The Find keeps up its social activity every day across both Facebook and Instagram. Messaging is always timely and relevant and it prepped its creative ready for the lockdown so that all messaging was relevant and timely.

The coffee shop’s messaging covered all the ways customers could expect to be served, and even included a well designed Lockdown Love logo on its creative. Meanwhile staff members featured in the content to add a personal touch.

When sharing mouthwatering food imagery, remember that if you want to awaken all the senses, and induce hunger pangs then image is everything, so take time to get a good shot. There’s no harm sharing the same messages to all your platforms, as The Find does on Facebook and Instagram. Just don't forget that different social media platforms suggest different sizes to optimise the images so they look best. A free tool like Canva can help you get all your images in the right size.

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Step 3: What does The Find want its audience to do

During an enforced closure or reduction of services, independent coffee shops like The Find still need customers to visit them and buy. To aid this the coffee shop began taking customer orders for takeout or delivery online.

Shopify, Woo and Wix are all cost-effective and simple ecommerce solutions to get you and your product catalogue online. But The Find is using an integration with Good Eats to host its menu and take payment.

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Step 4: How does The Find engage with customers?

The Find loads up its Instagram and Facebook posts with shop local and support local hashtags and place hashtags. But it also needs to engage in the conversation about place.

By doing so, anyone who sees The Finds comments or engagements on other posts will be able to check out The Find on social media for themselves, creating a bigger reach and awareness for the business.

If you’re using Facebook and |Instagram ads, any new visitors to your profiles, or any engagement gets stored by Facebook. This means that although you won’t be able to identify who they are, Facebook will pop them in an audience bucket that you can target with ads.

Step 5: Who does The Find need to engage?

Local independent coffee shops like The Find will need to engage with local people either out for their daily exercise and stopping in for a winter warming hot drink, or local people they can deliver to. By using local hashtags on their content they can become discoverable to any local audience searching for content tagged up with local place tags.

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Steps 6 - 10

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Key takeaway

The Find did an excellent job of staying connected and on message with its customers through lockdown. While the way they served them may have been different, its communication remained bang on brand, recognisable and engaging.

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