10 steps fashion boutique Law and Co took to ensure social media success

Indie fashion boutique Law and Co has been a firm Maybe* favourite for a while now. The business creates gorgeous content and is particularly adept on Instagram stories. Social media engagement for the business is great and the team works with influencers that are relevant to the developing brand. In 2020, Law and Co's owner Denise Law wanted to see better results from their social media advertising.

By partnering with Maybe*, Law and Co delivered a return of over £23 to every £1 spent and earned just shy of an additional £18,000 from Facebook ads. What’s even more impressive is that they achieved this in just one week. One week!
Here we show you the 10 steps they took to achieve this result. Any businesses can do this, so what are you waiting for?

Step 1: What was the business goal?

Law and Co was already well seasoned at social media when it caught Maybe*s attention. The business knew that its content was performing well and customers were engaging. They were even experimenting with social media advertising, but founder Denise Law wanted to make her ads work harder and deliver a real return on investment.

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Step 2: Telling the Law and Co story

Denise Law caught our attention with her fantastic Instagram Stories in which she modelled the clothes from the store. 

Denise is a natural at Stories. She keeps the product front and centre, and her personality shines through. She nails being accessible and positions herself as your perfectly informed, empowering fashion friend. Who doesn't need one of those?!

Gorgeous product is paired with practical information about sizing and styling, and posts are layered up with occasion suggestions to show off the look.

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Step 3: What did Law and Co want its audience to do?

Law and Co wanted its customers to shop online and be inspired to do so through gorgeous content. To do this Denise regularly posts 'ways to wear' content featuring herself, her influencers and real life customers.

Law and Co make use of the Stories feature to do this and then curate these Stories into highlight features on their Instagram page.

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Step 4: How does Law and Co engage with customers?

Law and Co doesn't just engage with comments and feedback on its own pages or in its own inbox.

The business proactively engages with other conversations such as on other local business pages, or in the conversation about place.  In addition they also engage with their social media influencers and brand ambassadors such as TV personality Sophie Anderton.

This approach not only demonstrates commitment to other businesses and pride in place, but the business benefits by increasing the likelihood of new customers discovering the brand. 

When this happens on a Facebook or Instagram profile, Facebook captures the details of that user. Even though those details won’t make the customer identifiable to you, it does mean that if you are advertising, you can then build a custom audience to target anyone who has engaged with your content or even simply visited your social media page.

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Step 5: Who did Law and Co need to engage?

Law and Co has been building its social media audience on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with a little help from advertising to grow followers for a while. 

But the fashion boutique was struggling to understand whether the followers it was attracting were converting to paying customers.

Law and Co set about re-engaging customers who had previously browsed the website via a retargeting advertising campaign. In addition they wanted to target competitor customers from brands such as Mint Velvet.

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The Maybe* dashboard showing Law and Co’s best performing social media post against one of its competitors

Steps 6-10

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Key takeaway

Fashion boutique Law and Co achieved its sales success by taking a new approach to advertising. It moved away from hitting the blue boost button and instead focused its efforts on smart targeting.

This is the result of knowing who you want to advertise to, knowing who is already engaging with you, and who is already buying from you. You need great social content, great product, a smashing story and a website. All of these are within your reach and Maybe* is here to help.

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