Why Maybe* is included in this Government’s High Street Task Force tender

Working with IPM (The Institute for Place Management)  and other key partners Maybe* is part of the tender to secure The Task Force project which is part of the Government’s Plan for the High Street.

IPM  have done a great job in assembling a consortium of partners who bring expert knowledge about town centres.  Collectively they provide access to national networking, centre expert communities and data on high street performance and change.

There are 972 towns in England and many more high streets, with just over 600 in London alone. Serving important economic, social and cultural functions, our high streets and town centres are the heart of communities in both urban and rural areas.

The tender required IPM to demonstrate how they  will deliver four key objectives in relation to town centres to:

  1. Boost local authority capacity.
  2. Build skills of placemakers.
  3. Co-ordinate activity relating to the high street.
  4. Promote information and data sharing.

“The Government commitment to the Task Force, both in terms of timescale and the funding available, gives a real opportunity to address the challenges town centres are facing and to chart a shared path for their future.” 

Simon Quin, Institute Co-Chair

“The challenges are not insignificant, but we have assembled a really strong and wide ranging team who can make a profound difference to the level of support available to place leaders.


Our research has identified the changing environment for town centres and we want to work with our partners to ensure that local authorities, place partnerships and the community as a whole can respond to this. We very much look forward to getting busy.”


Every high street or town centre is the responsibility of one of 300 plus local government bodies in England. IPM's existing research demonstrates that many local authorities may struggle to identify the capacity and expertise needed to bring about sustainable, high-street regeneration. "

Cathy Parker, Institute Co-Chair Professor

"We’re looking forward to sharing our AI-powered benchmarking and insights to help accelerate the evolution of our High Streets. Consumers are adapting faster than local authorities can individually adapt.”

Polly Barnfield, CEO and Founder of Maybe*

The Task Force is scheduled to begin operations on 1 July 2019.

Find more information about The Task Force project at Place Management.

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