What’s new in social media this week? Twitter fees, Snapchat stats, and Instagram reduces Story sharing

Social media is a constantly evolving, rapidly developing world of its own, making it a challenge to keep up with. Worry not, we’ve got it covered for you and have collated some of the recent top social headlines.

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Instagram tests stopping sharing feed posts in stories

In a few regions only, Instagram is tentatively exploring the possibility of preventing its users from sharing grid posts in their Stories. Sharing Instagram feed posts in a Story is certainly a popular move across the platform, however, Instagram itself feels that its users may not be best served by this function, and that it actually impacts negatively on engagement overall. As with any major change to a platform, only time will reveal whether the change will be implemented for all users, so watch this space!

More from Social Media Today, here.

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Snaps for Snapchat

Popular with teens the world over, Snapchat has released their latest performance update. By showing that following a focus on engagement for their users, the platform has enjoyed a boost to their daily active users, including an increased connection with users over the age of 35, and it has added 16million more happy snappers overall.

Find the report in full here.

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Filter-free faces in beauty ads

In a bid for greater transparency when advertising beauty products on social media, and preventing brands and influencers from misleading their followers, the #filterdrop campaign, run by make-up artist and model Sasha Pallari, secured a huge win when the Advertising Standards Agency ruled that filters should not be applied to images if they exaggerate the effect of the product.

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The rise of Clubhouse

Well, the celebrities are firmly on board, and users are flocking in, so it seems as though Clubhouse is here to stay. With appearances from Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and even the lowdown from Lindsay Lohan, the new app is taking up a lot of space on social and its popularity is dramatically picking up speed.

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You can Tweet... but it’ll cost you

Twitter is considering implementing a subscription for its services, including a fee to use Tweetdeck and Twitter PRO accounts with ‘advanced’ account facilities. With plenty of options and offerings needed to make this work successfully, it’s a development well worth keeping an eye on.

More here.

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