What’s new in social media this week? Story Drafts, Twitter reactions and Facebook’s version of Clubhouse

Social media is a constantly evolving, rapidly developing world of its own, making it a challenge to keep up with. But worry not folks, we’ve got it covered for you and have collated some of the recent top social headlines.

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Drafts: Coming soon to Instagram Stories!

If you utilise Instagram’s Stories feature currently, you’ll know that you can save your stories to your phone before posting at a later date, but for businesses, brands and accounts with multiple managers, it’s not hugely convenient. To address this, Instagram will soon be integrating a ‘drafts’ feature, so that you can save your Story projects within the app, and return to post them at a more convenient time.

@Instagram on Twitter

Express your (emoji) self on Twitter

Twitter has been surveying users throughout the month to get input on how they feel about a broader set of emoji-style reactions, similar to what you’d see on Facebook.

“We’re exploring additional ways for people to express themselves in conversations happening on Twitter,” said a Twitter spokesperson.

Read more from TechCrunch here.

Image: TechCrunch

Facebook’s version of Clubhouse is nearly ready...

Clubhouse: so good everyone wants a piece of the action - as long as it’s within their own platform - and Facebook is the latest top flyer to have almost finalised their own version. Facebook’s video Rooms feature have long been up and running, and it looks as though they are simply expanding their Rooms to offer audio-only versions as well.

More here from developer Alessandro Paluzzi.

Alessandro Paluzzi on Twitter (@alex193a)

Kidstagram? Like Instagram, but for kids

Just days after Instagram issued a statement that it needs to do more to protect its youngest users, rumours are that a version of the app for kids aged 13 and under is in the offing: “We have identified youth work as a priority for Instagram and have added it to our H1 priority list,” reads an internal Instagram post obtained by BuzzFeed News.

More here.

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