What’s new in social media this week? From the impact of Apple’s data opt-in to marketing on Snapchat and Pinterest video content . . .

Social media never slows down. Just when you think you're up to speed and have your strategy in place . .  Boom! Apple drops a new data opt-in with a potentially catastrophic impact on social ads. Don't worry, we've got you covered with an overview of all the latest social media news that you need to know this week.  

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Five ways brands are using Twitter’s new conversation settings

Everyone on Twitter now has the opportunity to choose who can reply to their Tweets with the recent introduction of new conversation settings.

Brands have been quick to explore the possibilities provided by Conversation Controls and have found a variety of ways to use this new tool. We’re seeing brands have fun with them and be creative as they take to Twitter to share their messages.

Here are 5 ways brands are using Twitter’s new conversation settings.

Heineken (@Heineken_UK) has shown how brands can use the new settings to make a public statement about a sensitive issue without starting a debate.

Pinterest outlines recent improvements to feed ranking, and focus on video content

If you haven't been paying attention, Pinterest is on the rise with the platform seeing significant increases in overall users (now up to 416 million) and engagement as it builds upon its product discovery focus and further refines its eCommerce tools.

As Pinterest has evolved, it's also sought to put increased focus on video content, with video now being the most engaging content type across all social platforms.

Video Pins are not only more popular, they're also being prioritised by Pinterest's algorithm, which is an important note for marketers looking to make best use of the platform.

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YouTube for marketing: What marketers need to know

Wondering if YouTube can help your business? Looking for tips to generate leads and sales on YouTube?

Learn from Social Media Examiner and Nick Nimmin ‘why you should consider YouTube over Facebook and discover a system for generating leads and sales with value-based videos on YouTube’.

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Instagram warns of major impacts to ad-targeting as a result of Apple's iOS 14 update

With Apple pushing ahead with plans to introduce new changes in iOS 14 which will explicitly prompt users to opt-in to data tracking for each app on their device, digital ad networks have expressed deep concerns over how those changes will impact their core businesses.

Last month, Facebook sent out a warning to Audience Network advertisers, explaining that the changes to Apple's Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA) system could potentially cripple its expanded ad network once it's rolled out. And this week, in an interview with CNBC, Instagram chief Adam Mosseri has also flagged concerns about the update, and how it could impact Instagram advertisers moving forward.

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Snapchat publishes new research on brand and content preferences among Gen-Z consumers

With Gen-Z becoming a much bigger focus for marketers as younger audiences move into more lucrative spending brackets, platforms like Snapchat are well-placed to become key sources of insight into important trends and shifts that will ultimately define purchase behaviours.

Indeed, Snapchat claims that it reaches some 90% of 13-24 year-olds across the US, more than Facebook, Instagram and Messenger combined in this age bracket. That means that the platform can not only facilitate connection, but provide more knowledge as to what these consumers are looking for.

And this week, Snapchat, in partnership with Kantar, has shared some valuable new insights into evolving brand and content preferences, and how they're being defined by the next generation of consumers.

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