What’s new in social media this week? Engagement alerts, the rise of LinkedIn, and Twitter Spaces vs Clubhouse

We might all be staying home in yet another lockdown, but it’s always busy in the land of social media, and it can be hard to keep track. We’ve pulled together some of the top social headlines from the last few days, to help you stay up to date.

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Engagement alert!

...of the social kind! (what else could it have been, really?)

To help make the Community Manager’s job a little easier, Facebook will be rolling out a series of alerts to Group admins - you can set up the type of content you want to be alerted to within your group; i.e. posts or comments, and the engagement response - for example if a post in your group were to receive more than 15 reactions, or receive above a set number of comments within an hour, you’d get an alert.

@MattNavarra on Twitter

Join the Club(house)

Hot off the app press, Clubhouse is a brand new platform (it’s still in beta testing and currently only available to iPhone users). Offering a ‘pared down’ version of social, Clubhouse looks to be a fresh new platform through which you can share ideas, connect, and build your network. It’s audio ONLY, no visuals, and you engage with the spoken content by entering ‘rooms’ where a discussion is taking place, Watch (or rather listen to)  this space. For more info, here’s a handy introduction to Clubhouse: via Social Media Examiner.

Image source: Clubhouse on App Store

Which came first, the Space or the Club?

From one idea comes… another good idea. Obviously limited to Twitter only, Twitter’s answer to Clubhouse is also in testing mode. Just as with Clubhouse, users can begin spoken conversations in ‘spaces’, for others to join in with, saying ‘we imagine the best Spaces to feel like a well hosted dinner party.’

It’s chatrooms at dawn, folks. Will this prove to be the first social showdown of 2021? Who will prevail?

@TwitterSpaces on Twitter

LinkedIn: The place to be in 2021?

It all seems to be happening on LinkedIn. The platform saw a huge rise in users during 2020, and everything points to things continuing in the same vein this year. To that end, LinkedIn have presented their usage statistics from 2020 and their projections for the coming year (including a handy infographic), well worth a browse for those using the platform as part of their marketing strategy in 2021.

Image source: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Blog

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