What are the social media trends to watch out for in 2022?

What are the social media trends for 2022 you need to be aware of? This week we’ve pulled out some of the top updates and important news you might have missed from the end of 2021. Plus some info from Instagram and a handy content planner, courtesy of Twitter you can grab some inspiration from.

TikTok nabbed a Christmas no.1 in global app download charts

TikTok's reign as the hottest of social media trends look looks set to continue into 2022. TikTok capped their 2021 by reaching the milestone of being the most downloaded app worldwide on Christmas Day. 

Meanwhile in the UK, the most popular app over the festive season was the NHS app, just pipping TikTok to the post.

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‘Video and Control’ set to be Instagram’s focus for 2022

In a post before the start of the festive season. Instagram boss Adam Mosseri highlighted the direction the app will be headed in 2022, with a strong focus on video content - Reels in particular, a key focus:

“We’re going to double-down on our focus on video and consolidate all of our video formats around Reels”

Mosseri also indicated that Instagram messaging will have a wider focus within the app, stating that it is now ‘the primary way that people connect online’.


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Twitter publishes a 2022 planning strategy

A new year, and for many, a time to recalibrate your social strategies to emerging social media trends and refining the old classics going forwards. To aid this, Twitter has put forward a handy planner to help you get the most out of the platform, complete with monthly goals, suggested content ideas and creative practice top tips.

Find Twitter’s guide here.

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Meta updates its Ad campaign set-up process

At the end of the year, Meta announced a set of updates to Ads Manager, in order to simplify and streamline the campaign set-up process.

From Meta:

“In order to effectively guide advertisers to optimal campaign setups, we’re redesigning the objective selection experience when creating new campaigns in Ads Manager. We’re moving to an outcome-driven ad experiences model (ODAX), where advertisers can select their designed business outcomes (e.g. Awareness, Traffic, Engagement, Leads, App Promotion, Sales) and the interface will guide advertisers to the most optimal campaign setup/creation paths to achieve that outcome.”

More from Meta here:

Auto captions arrive on Twitter

In case you missed it, Twitter added an update at the end of 2021, allowing all uploaded videos to have captions enabled automatically. Captions for in-stream, muted videos will activate automatically for iOS and Android users; while desktop users have the option of switching captions on and off as they choose.

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