Twitter reacts to Elon’s takeover

In case you missed it, Elon Musk has (finally) bought Twitter, and he’s been hitting the headlines ever since. From dissolving the board of directors, to the suggestion that ‘blue tick’ owners will need to pay a monthly fee for their accounts, Elon’s certainly had tongues wagging and fingers tapping keyboards worldwide. People all over the Twittersphere have been super vocal about Elon’s latest investment, so we’ve taken a look at what everyone’s been saying on the matter.

Elon’s Twitter Takeover

elon takes over twitter

Of course, the man himself seems pretty happy about it all, and has been extremely active on Twitter ever since the news was announced. Initially dubbing himself ‘Chief Twit’, his bio tagline now reads ‘Twitter Complaint Hotline Operator’.

Elon and his team have been busily engaging with Tweets from all over the globe, with Twitter users keen to add their own thoughts into the fray.

The verification controversy

The biggest topic on everyone’s keyboards has been around the suggestion that Elon plans to charge verified account owners a fee to keep their accounts verified, thereby allowing more people to hold verified accounts. Elon has claimed that the move will lessen the gap between those ‘worthy’ of verification and those currently not, and bring a funding stream into the website. This has not gone down very well.

twitter verification fee

At all.

stephen king reaction twitter

OK, it’s fair to say that the changes to Twitter haven’t been overwhelmingly positive, but they haven’t been entirely negative, either.


With that in mind, we've been using our Insight tools to take a closer look at the metrics. In Insight Builder, using the ‘See how they feel about you’ feature, we’ve pulled the sentiment scores (how positive or negative the tone of a conversation is) from the past few days on terms such as ‘#ElonMusk’, ‘#BlueTick’ and ‘#Verified’. It’s a mixed bag of responses, which is why everything looks grey, it’s become a neutral topic. Amidst the noise on Twitter, you will find as many people in support of Elon, as those against.

twitter sentiment scores

How Maybe* can help you measure sentiment for your business

Want to know how you can track a topic for yourself? Of course you do.

You can add three types of social media conversation to Maybe*:

  • All the posts created by a business or individual across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • All the posts created about, tagging or mentioning any business or individual
  • A hashtag. For example #shoplocal

The See how they feel about you graph on your Dashboard shows you how people feel about your social media content and your business from the comments and mentions on your posts. From your Dashboard, you can toggle between comments and mentions:

  • Comments will show you how positive or negative any comments on your social media posts are. 
  • Mentions will show you whether your business is talked about positively or negatively wherever you are mentioned or tagged on social media.

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