TikTok trials three-minute videos in the latest social media news

TikTok explores three-minute videos and Google rolls out new features on Street View and Maps in this week's social media news. As always the world of social media moves at a rapid pace, so we've rounded up the latest new developments for you so you don't have to. 

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TikTok is testing three-minute videos

TikTok is exploring allowing users to upload videos up to three minutes long. To date, TikTok allows all creators to upload videos up to a minute in length. It’s proven to be a successful length — longer than a Vine, shorter than most YouTube videos. The constraint of finding ways to make something funny within 60 short, sweet seconds is part of what makes TikTok work. 

How will the longer length be received?

Instagram’s Live rooms is testing up to four people

Instagram in India is testing the ability to go live with up to four people.  For fans of Live, this will give creators more opportunities to have conversations with their communities, and to expand their reach and use cases for Live. 

How about a talk show or a podcast, hosting a jam session?

LinkedIn is rolling out a new data analytics tool for users

LinkedIn’s new data analytics tool incorporates real-time data from the professional network’s 722 million-plus members. 

Sales Insights will provide users with specific information on employee trends, contacts, and potential connection opportunities, cross-matched against your staff listings on LinkedIn. 

This exciting new analytics tool should be being rolled out in February 2021.

Google Maps now lets you create Street View photos with no special equipment required

Android users with ARCore-compatible devices can now capture imagery and publish it to Google Street View in certain areas. 

Such user generated content will fill the gaps where Google Street View has yet to reach. Google will also use the imagery to update Google Maps with information like new businesses or publicly posted open hours.

Google adds Business messaging options in Maps

Google's looking to make it easier for users to get in touch with businesses direct from Maps and Search in order to get quick answers to more specific queries.

In Maps, verified businesses on Google will be able to receive and respond to messages from the Google Maps app. That will give potential customers another way to glean key information, and another opportunity to connect.

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